Central Ohio Employee Services & Recreation Association.

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Central Ohio Employee Services & Recreation Association

The Central Ohio Employee Services & Recreation Association (COESRA) is a non-profit, business association that serves to provide member companies with a diverse range of employee services. Our membership includes some of the largest employers in the United States and a total membership of over 300,000 employees in Central Ohio. We offer educational and networking benefits for human resources employees, and local & national discount programs for all employees of member companies.

If you are an employer looking to enhance your employee programs and services, we welcome you to consider COESRA as a part of your employee benefit and recognition programs.

If you are a company willing to offer a discount on products or services through your Marketing Department to increase your customer base and revenues, email vendors@coesra.org to learn how to become a vendor member of COESRA.


Contact your human resources or employee services department to get a current COESRA card.

LOGIN PROCEDURES - Please use coesra as the User Name. Password is the COESRA ID # (on the current year COESRA card). The login & password are case-sensitive.

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The 2015 password is now in effect. 

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Please use a personal email address (Many business email systems have spam filters that will not allow group email).  Sign-up today and get updates as they become available.


IMPORTANT- The COESRA Board of Directors has approved the information on this site as to the content and form of the information included.  COESRA does not assume responsibility for the quality of any services offered.  COESRA does not take responsibility for typographical errors or change of discount by any vendor.

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