Central Ohio Employee Services & Recreation Association.
Contact Information

Thank you for being part of the Central Ohio Employee Services & Recreation Association. If you are in need of help or want for information on COESRA please go to the "FAQ & Troubleshooting" page.

If you would like to become a COESRA member there is an appropriate application on the Membership Information page.

If you have any other questions or concerns please send e-mail to us at info@coesra.org.

Mailing Address:
COESRA, P.O. Box 995, Columbus, Ohio 43216
614-733-9263 (voicemail only)
614-388-5753 FAX
For website issues -  webmaster@coesra.org

Board of Directors
Tim Hampton, President (Real Adventure, Inc. & Hot Air Balloon Co.)
president@coesra.org - General COESRA comments & concerns

Kathy Clayton, Vice-President (Washington Township)
vicepresident@coesra.org - Membership

Rea Jean Hix (Grange Insurance)

Greg Roth, Treasurer

Deidra Kellogg, Communications
communications@coesra.org - Website, Email & Information Services

Suzanne Carlson, Vendor Representative (Sam's Club)
vendors@coesra.org - Relations & Information Services

Sue Ridolfo, Public Relations/Special Events Committee Chair (Grange Insurance)
events@coesra.org - COESRA Events Coordinator

Jerry Snyder, Board Member at Large (Retirement Strategies, Ltd.)

Committee Members:
Kim Colopy, EMRA Liasion
kimc@coesra.org - National organization liaison

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