Central Ohio Employee Services & Recreation Association.


* The COESRA Board of Directors has approved the following only as to the content and form of the information included. COESRA does not assume responsibility for the quality of any services offered. COESRA does not take responsibility for typographical errors or change of discount by any vendor.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! - The 2015 password is now in effect.

Contact your company's COESRA representative (human resources department or employee recreation association, etc...) to get a current COESRA card and login ID.

LOGIN PROCEDURES- (You will be asked for your login when you click on any of the links below.) Please use coesra as your User Name. The Password is the COESRA ID # (on the lower right-hand corner of the COESRA card).

The login & password are case-sensitive (all letters MUST be lower case).

Excuse our mess! Please be patient with us, as you may not see all of the current DISCOUNTS for the upcoming year. It takes time & hard work for COESRA & our hand-picked vendors to come up with good offers to provide you with the best value for your dollar.

Here is what you can do! If you have a favorite business that you would like to see offer a discount, let them know about COESRA and let us know who it is.  We will contact them about the advantages of being a COESRA vendor, and hopefully we can get that special pricing for you

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